Nursing Scholarship

Year 2018 “Nursing” Application Forms & Instructions

Applicant must use the official Year 2018 “Nursing” application.

This is a $1,000.00, one year scholarship award. 

Download forms at the bottom of this page.

The student must be accepted for enrollment in a nursing program which, upon completion, qualifies the student to write the licensing examination for registered nurse. If this student is not accepted in a qualifying nursing program, this award is forfeit.  Payment will be made directly to the school attended by the student upon receipt of proper enrollment verification.
(NOTE) Scholarships will be honored only for attendance at North Carolina Schools of Nursing.

Experience has shown that the interests of the applicant are advanced and the time of the Committee is conserved by orderly, concise and chronological presentation on paper approximately 8 1/2 x 11, bound neatly at the left side in a 3-hole paper folder which can be procured at any stationery store.  Elaborate bindings, clear plastic, and bulky coverings are discouraged.  Remove all letters from envelopes and bind the letters flat.  Exhibits evidencing notable achievements in scholarship, leadership, athletics, dramatics, community service or other activities may be attached but the applicant should avoid submitting repetitious accounts of the same aptitude. Elaborate presentation is unnecessary. Careless presentation definitely handicaps the applicant. The bound application and exhibits must not weigh over ten ounces or exceed twenty pages in length.

It is also recommended that the applicant be in the top 25% of his/her class and be actively involved in nursing related activities.

In addition to the “Memorandum of Required Facts,” and the completed counselor’s report, which should be in the folder, we suggest as essential details the following, preferably in the order indicated:

  1. Applicant will provide transcript of High School Record. Please have the High School Counselor include your SAT or ACT test scores on the transcript.  If these are not available, your G.P.A. will be accepted.
  1. A letter from school principal and/or counselor regarding citizenship, congeniality, leadership ability, attendance, personal grooming, and reliability.
  1. One to three letters of endorsement from responsible persons not related to applicant, (other than teachers), who have had an opportunity personally to observe the applicant, and who can give worthwhile opinions of the moral character, industry, purposefulness and general worthiness of the applicant.
  1. An essay entitled “Why I want to become a Nurse.”
  1. Applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America.

Applications that do not conform substantially to the foregoing requirements should not be endorsed by a subordinate lodge.

Download Application Forms Here

Note: Application must be filled out in “Typed” format (using a typewriter or Computer). The forms are available for download in Microsoft Word and PDF format for your convenience.

Nursing Scholarship – (Microsoft Word Format)
Nursing Scholarship – (PDF Format)

Counselor’s Report – (Microsoft Word Format)
Counselor’s Report  – (PDF Format)