Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get in to other lodges as a member of my lodge?

Yes – You are a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of
America. You are welcome in any lodge in the country by displaying your membership card.

Can I register for notifications from NCELKS.ORG calendar?

Yes, this website uses Google calendar. Therefore, if you also use Google calendar, your can sync it to your list of calendars. Open your Google calendar from your PC. On the left side under “Other calendars”, there is a box that says “Add a friends calendar”. In that box, type “ncelkscal@gmail.com” (no quotes) and hit your enter key. You should see the new calendar appear below the box. Be sure to click on the box to the left of the calendar’s name to see the events displayed in your calendar.

If you use Google calendar on your mobile phone, be sure to open the calendar on your phone and tell it to sync the new calendar. Once this is done, you can see the Elks calendar events on your phone.

Do I need my membership card to get into the lodge.

Yes – You should have your membership card on you at all times.

How can I get information on the Scholarship Programs you offer?

Visit our scholarship page for detailed information about all scholarships offered by the BPOE.

How can I get my mailing address changed?

Contact your home lodge. We do not keep a database of members. We receive all of our mailing information from Grand Lodge who receives its information from the individual Elks Lodges.

How do I contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page for our complete contact information.

How do I find/contact a lodge near me?

Visit our NC Lodges page under the “About Elks” tab.

How do I return back to the ncelks.org site if I open a PDF file from the website.

When you open a PDF file that takes the whole page, there are no buttons on the page that you can click to take you to the page that you opened the file from. However, you can click the back arrow in the top left corner of your browser and it will take you to the last page you visited. Or right click your mouse and click on “back”.